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Brief Introduction to CUFEIn 1949, shortly after the foundation of the People's Republic ofChina, the Central University of Finance and Economics (hereafter CUFE) was establishedin Beijing. It is the first university in China funded by the government thatis specializing in finance and economics. The...


Xia Junjie

Xia Junjie     Xia Junjie Associ...

Zou Yan

Zou YanAssociate Professor

Zhao Wenzhe

Zhao WenzheAssociate Professor

Zhao Lifen

Zhao LifenProfessor

Zhang Zhimin

Zhang ZhiminProfessor

Zhang Weimin

Zhang WeiminAssociate Professor

Zhang Tiegang

Zhang TiegangProfessor

Zhang Su

Zhang SuProfessor

Zhang Jian

Zhang JianProfes​sor

Zhuang Hu

Zhuang HuAssociate Professor

Zhang Chuanchuan

Zhang ChuanchuanAssociate Professor

Zhang Caiping

Zhang CaipingProfessor

Yu Jian

Yu JianAssociate Professor

Yin Zhifeng

Yin ZhifengAssociate Professor

Yin Zhendong

Yin ZhendongAssociate Professor

Yang Yunjie

Yang YunjieProfessor

Yang Xiaolan

Yang XiaolanAssociate Professor

Yan Chengliang

Yan ChengliangProfessor

Xu Xiang

Xu XiangAssociate Professor

Xu Hua

Xu HuaAssociate Professor

Wu Jiang

Wu JiangAssistant Professor

Wang Kejing

Wang KejingProfessor

Tian Zifang

Tian ZifangAssistant Professor

Sun Weizeng

Sun WeizengAssociate Professor

Sun Hongsheng

Sun HongshengProfessor

Su Xuechuan

Su XuechuanProfessor

Shi Yupeng

Shi YupengProfessor

Song Yimiao

Song YimiaoAssociate Professor

Qiao Heng

Qiao HengAssociate Professor

Qi Lan

Qi LanProfessor

Peng Xiaobo

Peng XiaoboAssistant Professor

Liu Zhuojun

Liu ZhuojunAssociate Professor

Lu qian

Lu qianAssiatant Professor

Liu Yifang

Liu YifangProfessor

Liu Jing

Liu JingAssociate Professor

Liu Feng

Liu FengAssociate Professor

Li Xianghong

Li XianghongAssistant Professor

Li Yan

Li YanAssistant Professor

Li Xinrong

Li XinrongAssociate Professor

Li Bin

Li BinAssociate Professor

Li Tao

Li TaoProfessor

Li Jing

Li JingAssistant Professor

Lan Rixu

Lan RixuProfessor

Jin Zhesong

Jin ZhesongProfessor

Jin Xingye

Jin XingyeAssistant Professor

Jiang Xuan

Jiang XuanProfessor

Jin Ping

Jin PingAssistant Professor

Huang Shaoan

Huang ShaoanProfessor

Huang Naijing

Huang NaijingAssistant Professor

Hou Ronghua

Hou RonghuaProfessor

He Zhaopeng

He ZhaopengAssistant Professor

Han Jinhua

Han JinhuaProfessor

Gu Weiyu

Gu WeiyuAssociate Professor

Guo Jiahu

Guo JiahuAssociate Professor

Gong Yaxian

Gong YaxianAssistant Professor

Guo Dongmei

Guo DongmeiProfessor

Gao Wei

Gao WeiProfessor

Fu lin

Fu linAssociate Professor

Fei Wei

Fei WeiProfessor

Feng Chunan

Feng ChunanProfessor

Fan Maoqing

Fan MaoqingAssociate Professor

Dai Hongwei

Dai HongweiProfessor

Chu Chunli

Chu ChunliAssociate Professor

Chen Binkai

Chen BinkaiProfessor

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